Choosing A New Roofing Contractor:


Weather in the Chicagoland Suburbs are damaging to rooftops. Here are some tips that can make shopping for new roof contractors easy and safe.


The first thing to figure out is if you need a basic repair/patch or a whole new roof.


When to replace your roof?

If you have cracking, curling, or missing shingles

If you have soft spots on your roof it is indication that you need new sheeting

If you have leaking or water spots in your attic

If you have storm damage (Most times insurance will help pay if this is the case) Some of the local companies featured in the publication will actually work with your insurance on your behalf.

If you have more than two layers of shingles on the roof the entire roof will need to be replaced in accordance with laws and regulations.


What to expect:

Most pricing on rooftop repair is dependant on the size of the job, the pitch of the roof, and whether the entire roof or part of the roof needs to be replaced.


What to Ask Contractors:

The most important question to ask any contractor is to show their licensing and insurance papers. This will show you the age of the company and the experience level you are dealing with. Other imperative tips are:

  • Written Contract- Always get a written contract never a verbal one.
  • Ask about the process and educate yourself on what they will be doing
  • Ask whether they will use new or re-use materials. (Never reuse flashing)
  • Never pay in full.
  • Ask How many jobs they are currently working on
  • Ask about the details of the warranty.



The BUYER’S CHOICE: A GUIDE FOR COSUMERS provides many great roofing contractors that can help you out with all your needs, just turn to the roofing section for more details on all of them.


To Request the latest copy of the Buyer’s Choice: A GUIDE FOR CONSUMERS in your area use the contact us option and we would be happy to mail one to you.