How to Find a Good Automotive Service Provider



In a day when cars are becoming more and more reliant on computers, fewer people have a grasp on their vehicles internal workings. That has led to fewer people repairing or maintaining their vehicles themselves and more often needing the service of a trusted automotive service provider.


By using the following tips, you will have the knowledge to find a reputable mechanic capable of keeping your car running for years to come.

  • Check for automotive certifications. At the bare minimum a shop should be ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified. Another important certification to look for is that of the I-CAR. This certification is especially important for the Auto Body shops to carry. This certification ensures that a company is committed to providing the training necessary to keep its team up to date with the latest technology and repair procedures.
  • Look for affiliations. Is the shop affiliated with AAA or any other reputable company/brand?
  • Does the shop honor current warranties?
  • Does the company provide any service guarantees or warranties?
  • Look to see if the shop works with any local fleets. For example; does the company have any municipal contracts, or do they service any local taxi or limo companies?
  • Verify that the company keeps the necessary tools and parts in stock.
  • Verify that the company can service your particular make and model. This is especially important if you drive a foreign model.
  • Ask around, testimonials, referrals, and online reviews can be extremely helpful.
  • Check out the general atmosphere surrounding the shop. Appearance and employee attitudes matter!